3 decades in the Cruise Photography Industry


Cruise Travel Image Sa is a Swiss-based company, offering to its world wide customers tailormade solutions and products for the cruise photography industry.

It is all about making the integrated Photo & Video services a valuable asset for successful operations on board cruise ships.

Our journey has taken us from black and white photography

to our most recent digital-imaging achievements


Rising shifts in customer demands and rapid improvements in digital photography have pushed us to continuously apply new concepts and technologies to our products and further enabled us to open to new vistas of sales opportunities, customer care and customer satisfaction.

Our HR are constantly undergoing job redesign and competency model development. This allows us to align our selling and support processes to the changing business realities.

We capture treasured moments


We provide a complete suite of Photo & Video services,  starting from a team of experienced employees including the photo retail shop and latest equipment.

Our unique business model, technology and work plan  allow souvenir photography to be marketed more effectively.

We contribute to a nice cruise experience


We are focused and committed to keeping cruise Guests connected to the memories of the journeys they’ve enjoyed, contributing to a nicer cruise experience.


Our company excels at delivering the best photo and video services in the cruise industry. It’s what we do each and every day, and it’s what we’ve been doing for nearly three decades. We’re experienced, focused, and constantly improving our service to increase overall customer satisfaction.
We have built our own solution from the ground-up, and to this day image capturing on board cruise ships is at the forefront of our service.
Our history shows that we’ve been there, done that, and have a wealth of experience, which has enabled us to become agile and adept at providing innovative, world-class solutions and services.
Although we’ve “seen it all”, we’re still motivated to learn and innovate in the industry.